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Looking to buy a bong? Bongify is the #1 Online Bong Specialist. We're based in the Netherlands, and our goal is to provide the European market with the best quality bongs at competitive and affordable prices. We want to make buying bongs and accessories easy for our customers, by selecting only the best products for our assortment in order to make sure every single customer is not just satisfied, but happy with their order. 

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High quality bongs by renowned brands

Most of our bongs are made of high quality borosilicate glass by some of the most renowned bong manufacturers worldwide. Have a look at our Blaze Glass bongs or Black Leaf bongs and prepare to be amazed by the incredible quality you can get for the prices we offer on our website. We also offer many different oil bongs or dab rigs and accessories, percolator bongs and honeycomb bongs.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Line Bongs

Our collection of bongs is divided in three categories: the Bronze Line, Silver Line and Gold Line. Bronze Line bongs are the regular, lower segment bongs. Silver Line bongs are bongs of very good quality at an affordable price. These are the most popular, and with the right accessories (or by themselves), they can offer a very smooth and refined smoke. Gold Line bongs are the absolute best of the best and are unmatched by anything else.

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