Bong Cleaning

How to clean a nasty bong? Bong Cleaning is not the most fun job to do, but it's very rewarding. You will find everything you need to clean your bong in our store. Whether you're looking for ways to clean your dab bong, clean a bong without alcohol, clean bong ice catcher or clean a bong percolator, here you can find all you need to make your bong look and smell like new. 

How to clean a bong?

Keeping your bong clean is very important. Not only does a clean bong look much better than a black, clogged bong, but it also dramatically increases the smoking comfort. Many smokers even clean their bong, bowl and downstem after every use. We have several different products that make cleaning your bong much easier. One very important gadget when cleaning a bong is a bong plug, which allows you to plug the holes and fill up the whole bong with hot water, bong cleaner, or with a cleaning solution. With most (liquid) bong cleaners, you simply let it soak for a few minutes, after which you can easily remove the dirt with a bong brush and rinse with hot water. Fill it with cold, clean bong water and your bong is clean! There are also bong cleaning powders available that (together with hot water) do all the work for you! Just add some powder to the bong, fill it with hot water, and after about 10 minutes it will be completely clean! Cleaning a glass bong bowl is even easier. Simply spray it with some bong cleaner, benzine or isopropyl and salt, and the black resin easily comes off with the help of a bong brush or swab.

How to prevent a bong from getting dirty

Instead of cleaning your bong every now and then, why not simply prevent it from getting dirty in the first place? There are several things you can do to prevent a bong from getting dirty: you can use a bongwater additive such as Limpuro; you can use SmokeWater (flavoured magic bong water that keeps the bong clean), or simply use extra filters such as activated carbon or an ash catcher.

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