Bongify Coronavirus Information


Are you still delivering orders?

In short, yes! We need to adapt to the situation, but most orders are still being delivered on time.


Is Bongify affected by the coronavirus?

At Bongify, it is business as usual. We are still sending all orders, but there are some minor changes:

  • We are extremely busy and receive many inquiries, so our customer service may respond a little later than usual.
  • We try to ship all orders the same day, but in some cases the delivery is somewhat delayed, depending on the delivery country / location.
  • In some cases we need to use a different courier / post service than we usually do.
  • All packages are handled safely to reduce the risk of contamination as much as we can.

Please keep in mind that we are doing all we can to help everyone as good as possible. Do you have any questions? Please send them to


We will keep you updated about any changes. Thanks to everyone for supporting us during these times!


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