Glass Oil Bong & Herbs Bong with Titanium Dab Nail

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Never be spoilt of choice anymore - with this great 'Hit & Dab' combo kit of 'Black Leaf' you can enjoy herbs AND concentrates. And this for an absolute SuperSpecialPrice!

This kit contains a very handy 'No Name' bong made of heat resistant borosilicate glass with a solid wall thickness of 3mm. The smoke bridge is doubly reinforced. On the round base, the small water pipe stands completely safe. The glass bong is equipped with a 'lift-off' bowl for herbs with screen, which is particularly suitable for whole flowers.

Due to its size, the bong is perfect for smoking concentrates such as oil or wax, this means for dabbing, too. Therefore, the 'Hit & Dab' combo set is complemented by a high-quality oil nail made of titanium. With this nail you can quickly convert the glass bong into a dab rig. The 'Black Leaf T2' oil nail is made of high-grade titanium grade 2 and fits as an attachment in the standard grinding SG 10F (female). It is a so-called 'domeless' nail with a central tube through which the smoke of the evaporating oil is drawn. Therefore a smoke dome/carb cap is not needed. Titanium is the material of choice when it comes to breaking resistance. It also heats up quickly and can hold the heat for a long time. For easy cleaning, the nail can be disassembled.

Caution: The nail should only be heated on the pan, otherwise there is a risk that the grinding of the bong breaks due to expansion of the material.


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