Greengo 'King Size Slim' Unbleached Papers & Tips (24pcs)

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''Greengo' 'King Size' Slim Unbleached Cigarette Papers with Filter Tips 2 in 1 These unbleached tobacco papers from 'Greengo' are from sustainable Forestry cultivation and at 14 g / mý thick, these cigarette papers are the ideal balance between strength and thinness plus the full smoking flavour is, unaffected by these unbleached cigarette papers. The packaging is made from 200g strong recycled cardboard. The booklet contains 33 leaves and 34 Filter-tips.

Product Details:

  • Format: King Size
  • Paper: Unbleached 14 g / mý
  • Each Pack Contains: Papers 33x leaves & 34x Filter-tips
  • Packaging: Counter Display-box
  • Dimensions: 110x44mm
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