420 Dutch Highlife T-Shirt - Indica (Men)

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420SHIRT 2 Men

This 420 Dutch Highlife T-Shirt - Indica (Men) is the ultimate way of supporting legalization. Why hide the fact that you're a stoner? This T-shirt is made of high quality cotton and is printed with advanced technology to make sure the print doesn't come off after washing it once or twice. This particulator t-shirt has a unique design made by 420 Dutch Highlife with a big Indica leaf on the front and a ruderalis and sativa leaf on the back. The 420 Dutch Highlife logo on the short sleeve gives this shirt a more premium look. The colours are bright and sharp, and make the design look great. Buy this 420 Dutch Highlife T-shirt Indica directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist.


About The 420 Dutch Highlife T-Shirt - Indica (Men)

  • Genuine 420 Dutch Highlife product
  • Made of high quality cotton
  • With "420 Dutch Highlife" print
  • "Indica Leaf" print on the front
  • "Sativa" and "Ruderalis" on the back
  • Free 420 Dutch Highlife stickers included
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large , XL
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