Black Leaf Bio-Cleaner Concentrate

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The Black Leaf Bio-Cleaner Concentrate is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on all materials. The Bio Cleaner Concentrate by Black Leaf is a great solution for cleaning bongs, shishas or hookahs, water pipes, regular pipes (hand pipes, spoon pipes etc.) and many, many other products! Hell, you could even use it to clean your fucking house! 

But what makes the Black Leaf Bio-Cleaner concentrate bong cleaner so much better than other cleaner solutions? First of all, this is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE bong cleaner. You only need a small amount of the cleaning concentrate to get your bong back to looking like NEW. Combine it with a bong cleaning brush, and there is nothing that you can't get completely clean. The other great thing, besides from the fact that the cleaner can be used on virtually all products and materials, is that it is FULLY NATURAL AND BIODEGRADABLE! We sometimes recommend people to clean their bong with benzine because it's so effective, but of course, that stuff is very bad for the environment. Flushing something like that down the drain is not how we should take care of our planet. Now, you might not give a f*&k about the enviroment or your ecological "footprint", but it is always good to know that you're not doing any harm with the products you're using.

We also have Black Leaf's Bong Master Cleaner and Grinder Cleaner available in our store.


About The Black Leaf Bio-Cleaner Concentrate

  • Effective Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Bong Cleaner, Hookah Cleaner
  • Suitable for all materials
  • 100& Natural & Biodegradable
  • Contains 100 milliliters
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