Black Leaf 'Carball' Activated Carbon Filter Adapter

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The Black Leaf 'Carball' Activated Carbon Filter Adapter can be filled with activated carbon and then placed between the chillum (downstem) and the bong bowl. The activated carbon filters out a large amount of harmful substances and tar from the smoke without affecting its effect.

Activated carbon is known for its fantastic filtration effect, and is used in many sorts of filters, including car interior filters to filter the air. Now you can use this super effective substance to improve the quality of your bong smoke! The Carball filter is filled with activated carbon (available at Bongify), placed below the bong bowl, and you're ready to go. When you take a bong hit, a large part of the tar and other unwanted subtances are filtered out of the bong smoke, and remain in the active carbon. This means: better taste, healthier smoke, less scratchy on the throat and lungs, but still just as effective! No need to worry about the THC getting filtered out, because studies have shown that there is no difference in effect when smoking a bong hit with or without a carbon filter.

The Carball Bong Carbon Filter is made by the German bong manufacturer Black Leaf, and comes in a stylish gift box: nice to have for yourself, but also a great birthday present for your fellow bong lovers!

Bongify only sells genuine Black Leaf Carball Bong Carbon Filters


About The Black Leaf 'Carball' Activated Carbon Filter Adapter

  • Carbon Filter for Bongs
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Length: 9 Centimeters
  • 2x SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Metal Screen Included
  • Black Leaf Carball Logo
  • Carbon not included
  • Comes in a Gift Box 
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