'Blaze Glass' Skyscraper Bong with 3x Drum Percolator

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The incredible handmade 'Blaze Glass' Skyscraper Bong with 3x Drum Percolator is guaranteed to give you a super comfortable and luxurious smoking experience. The TRIPLE percolator setup with three seperate smoke chambers that are filled with water ensures absolute perfection in terms of smoke filtration and cooling - resulting in a super-smooth bong hit that is very comfortable on the throat.

Thanks to the strong borosilicate glass of which this fairly tall (39,5cm) triple perc bong is made, it is exceptionally durable and wear-proof, making it a bong that can easily last for many years and give you thousands of high-grade bong hits. The borosilicate glass, also known is Pyrex, is much stronger than regular glass and prevents scratches thanks to its hard surface. The glass is also heat-proof, making it safe to rinse or clean it with hot water. This bong is made by Blaze Glass. This German bong brand is known for fantastic quality at affordable prices, and this good-looking, well-finished and highly effective bong will surely not disappoint even the most seasoned stoners.

So how do the percolators work? Quite simple: The smoke enters the bong through the fixed vertical downstem, and through the first percolator it enters the lower water chamber. The percolator spreads the smoke through the water with its many tiny holes, so the surface area of the smoke is increased drastically. The water is therefore able to cool and filter the smoke much more effectively, and more impurities such as tar are filtered out of the smoke. These remain in the bong water and can be flushed out afterwards (meaning that you inhale less dirty particles, making smoking healthier!). But all of that happens not one, but THREE times! The smoke goes through 3 cycles of effective cooling and filtration before you inhale it.

Due to the bent mouthpiece, the bong smoker can take a comfortable position – for all who prefer to lean back BEFORE the first firing... The mouthpiece is nicely finished (like the rest of the bong) and the thick round foot provides this bong with more stability than it really needs. The lift-off bowl for herbs has a big intake hole - a screen is recommended. Because this bong has no kickhole or carbhole, you need to lift the bowl out of the bong while smoking to "clear" it using the glass handle on the bowl. The vertical standard grinding (SG 19) is also perfect for vaporizers with a bong adapter. And if you crave even more perfection, the universal standard grinding connection makes it possible to add a pre-cooler or possibly even a dabbing banger for enjoying cannabis concentrates. To give it the luxurious appearance that this bong deserves, the silver Blaze Glass logo shines proudly on the front of the upper smoke chamber.

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About The 'Blaze Glass' Skyscraper Bong with 3x Drum Percolator

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Without Kickhole / Carbhole
  • SG 19 (18,8mm) Bowl Size
  • With 3x Drum Percolator
  • Height: 39,5 Centimeters
  • Colour: Light Blue Accents
  • Diameter: 65/25mm
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