'Blaze' 'M&M' 3-Part Flask Bong with Cooling Spiral & 8-Arm Perco

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The 'Blaze' 'M&M' 3-Part Flask Bong with Cooling Spiral & 8-Arm Perco is one of the most luxurious and high-end pieces from Blaze Glass, sporting a cooling spiral percolator filled with cooling fluid, an 8-Arm Tree Perc, and a Diffuser Downstem. It is part of the "Mix & Match Bongs" series and consists of various parts that can be interchanged to build the perfect bong.

Blaze Glass is famous for being one of the best bong brands in the world. But unlike many other high-end bong brands that produce luxurious water pipes, Blaze Glass has very reasonable prices compared to other luxury bong brands. This means that you can get more luxury for your money: this tall bong (66 centimeters in height) will give you an incredible smooth and pleasant smoking experience. Part of what makes this bong so special is the cooling spiral filled with coolant, that you can put in the fridge to cool it down before your bong hit. When the smoke passes through the cooling spiral, the smoke is cooled down very effectively, making it less harsh on the throat and more comfortable to inhale. 

Although it shouldn't need to be said: this bong is made of the highest quality borosilicate glass ("Pyrex"), which makes it incredibly strong, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. This allows you to rinse it with hot water without causing any issues, and ensures a very long lifespan of the bong. It has a carbhole or kickhole on the side, that lets you control the airflow and "clear the bong" with only one finger, and without having to lift up the bowl while smoking. There is a rubber plug included with the bong to close off the carbhole, either for easy cleaning (so you can fill the bong with water and let it soak) or to allow for smoking without the carbhole. Another great feature of this Blaze Mix & Match Bong with cooling spiral is that it can be almost endlessly upgraded, improved and personalized. Because all the parts have universal bong sizes ("standard grind"), you can simply detach the parts and equip the bong with a new downstem, bowl, base flask, cooling spiral, percolators, extenders, precoolers and ash catchers, or even a dabbing banger to turn it into a real oil bong!

This 'Blaze Glass' M&M 8-Arm Perculator Coolbong Combi consists of; a water conical chamber with Kick-Hole and Rubber Grommet (BLA-U3), a 'Mid-Tube' Section with a 8-Arm Percolator (BLA-Z2), a top tube with blue cooling coil and coolant (BLA-R4), 2 'BongClip'® (BC 45), Down-Pipe Adapter with Diffusor (BLA E2) and glass bowl (BLA-K20). All 'Mix & Match' Bongs from Blaze Glass can be flexibly extended and in addition, the cleaning is easy because you can disassemble in seconds (so there are no percolators in the way, and you can easily reach the whole inside of the bong with a cleaning brush).

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About The 'Blaze' 'M&M' 3-Part Flask Bong with Cooling Spiral & 8-Arm Perco

  • Mix & Match Bong
  • Borosilicate Glass (5mm Thick)
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Height: 66 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 6,5 Centimeters
  • Kickhole / Carbhole (with Rubber Plug)
  • With 8-Arm Tree Percolator
  • With Cooling Spiral (Liquid)
  • Adapter Clamp (Bong Clip) Included
  • Grind: SG 19bistable/14 + 45 (18,8/14,5/45mm)
  • With Blaze Glass Logo

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