'Blaze' 'Mix & Match' 2-Part Cylinder Bong w. Cooling Spiral & 2x HoneyComb

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This 'Blaze' 'Mix & Match' 2-Part Cylinder Bong w. Cooling Spiral & 2x HoneyComb is a fully customizable glass bong from the 'Bong Builders kit' M&M by 'Blaze Glass'. It consists of two parts (three including the bowl) and features a cooling spiral filled with fluid (which can be cooled in the refrigerator), as well as a Double HoneyComb Diffuser setup to optimize the smoke and give you the best possible smoking experience.

This 'Blaze Glass' M&M Percolator Coolbong 2x Diffusor Combi consists of: a cylindrical water chamber with two blue diffusers plates (BLA-U10), a top tube section with a blue cooling coil with coolant (BLA-R4), BongClip (BC 45) und glass bowl (BLA-K20). All 'Mix & Match' Bongs from Blaze Glass can be flexibly extended and in addition, the cleaning is easy because you can disassemble in seconds.

Getting tired of always smoking from the same bong? Although it's hard to get tired of this level of perfection, we can imagine that you'd like to smoke from a different bong once in a while. With this piece, you don't need to! Simply take it apart, and swap the mouthpiece or base for a different part from the Mix & Match Bongs series. Be creative and build the perfect bong for you! Nevertheless, we don't think you will feel the need to smoke a different bong once you've tried this piece. A real timeless bong!

All parts of the M&M range are interchangeable & available individually as replacement parts, or to build up your own super bong. Making your own super bong from the Bongs Builder Kits could't be simpler.


About The 'Blaze' 'Mix & Match' 2-Part Cylinder Bong w. Cooling Spiral & 2x HoneyComb

  • Borosilicate Glass (5mm Thick)
  • Height: 52,5 Centimeters
  • SG 19bistable + 45 (18,8/45mm)
  • Diameter: 5 Centimeters
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Mix & Match Series
  • Cooling Spiral with Cooling Fluid
  • Adapter Clamp Included
  • With Double HoneyComb Disc
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