Oil Bangers

Oil Bangers, also known as Dabbing Bangers, are perhaps the best way to enjoy your cannabis concentrates (such as "Dabs", BHO, Wax, Shatter). A dabbing banger for oil is a special type of oil nail that can transform nearly any bong into a true dab rig.

The best oil / dabbing bangers for sale at Bongify

 Looking to buy a dabbing banger? We have all dab banger types for sale, including Quartz bangers and borosilicate bangers. You can also vaporize concentrates using an oil nail. There's often some leftover oil in a banger after dabbing, especially when you like "low temp dabbing" (vaporizing concentrates at a low temperature). The advantage of a dab banger vs nail is that you can easily re-heat the leftover oil to enjoy your precious concentrates as efficiently as possible! One reason for people to prefer normal oil nails with domes over dabbing bangers, is that bangers are "domeless", allowing the vapour to escape. Fortunately, there is a fantastic solution to prevent losing vapour: carb caps! After dabbing your extract into the hot banger, close it off with a carb cap and you can inhale every last bit of your BHO! There are some people who like dabbing DMT with quartz bangers. We also have some specials dabbing bangers in stock, such as a dab banger with sand, banger with a spinning ball, or colour-changing granulate inside. We sell all popular dab banger sizes, including SG10 (10mm), SG14 (14,5mm) and SG19 (18,8mm), with both male and female "standard grinding" attachments. Whether you're looking for cheap Quartz bangers, borosilicate bangers or bangers with carb caps, we have them all! 

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