Oil Domes

Oil Domes (also known as Dab Domes or BHO Domes) are designed to keep the vapour of your precious extracts (such as wax, dabs, BHO, hash oil) from escaping. Although there are many domeless dab nails and domeless dab rigs for smoking with a carb cap, the oil domes for sale here allow you to dab the classic way. A dab nail with dome is easy to heat, inexpensive, and very efficient. There are even vape pen dab dome attachments to transform your vape pen into a true BHO vaporizer!

Glass Oil Domes for sale at Bongify

How to use oil vapor domes? Simple: put the dome on the bong, insert the oil nail, heat the nail with a torch lighter, and dab your concentrate on the hot nail! Whether you prefer "high temp dabbing" or "low temp dab", with domes you can do both!  We have glass oil domes for sale, but also complete dab dome sets with oil nails included! Quartz glass oil domes are the most durable and preferred dabbing domes. Although some people try making homemade dab rig domes, you can get a high-quality dab dome and nail for under €20, so why waste your time and money on making inferior alternatives? Bongify has the best and cheapest dabbing domes for sale. Free shipping from €75,-!

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