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Blaze Glass Mix & Match bongs are perfect for anyone who enjoys to have multiple options in life. With these interchangeable bong parts you can decide just how you want your bong to be! They're made by Blaze Glass, a premium German bong brand known for its fantastic quality, so in a way these really are the Mercedes among bongs! But there are more advantages than just being able to build your own bong: many Mix and Match bongs or parts are equipped with HoneyComb diffusers, percolators, "Jet Flash" parts and even cooling spirals. These spirals are filled with a cooling fluid and can be cooled in the refridgerator, so your smoke will be cooled incredibly well! If you want even better cooling, why not add a part that supports the use of ice cubes? Perhaps even the biggest advantage of all is that because you're able to open the bong up, you can also clean it MUCH easier! In many normal bongs it is very difficult to clean under a percolator or honeycomb disc, but that is not a problem with most of these mix and match pieces!

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