EHLE bongs are handmade of the highest quality borosilicate glass in the German glass factory of Thomas Ehle, from a family of professional glassblowers. This company with its legendary status doesn't just make bongs; it also makes real laboratory glasswork.

Is EHLE best high-end bong brand in the world?

EHLE has been known since 1993 as the maker of some of the best bongs in the world. All products that come from this factory are made of top notch borosilicate glass that complies with the international DIN - ISO 3585 norm, which means that the glass is simply very strong and heat-resistant. Each pipe or accessory is not only signed as proof of authenticity (of course, it's not an issue for people to see that you have EHLE gear!), but to ensure optimal durability and a long lifespan, the glass is tempered carefully before leaving the factory. The expert craftmanship and extreme attention to detail is visible in every aspect of the bong; the logos, for example, are burned into the glass. This makes it possible to easily clean EHLE bongs with any regular bong cleaner without having to worry about damaging the pipe - as you can expect from a true high end luxury bongs brand.

Where to buy EHLE glass bongs?

Bongify is an official seller of EHLE, and we therefore only sell genuine EHLE bongs. Our range consists of the most popular and innovative EHLE bongs. The huge EHLEMINATOR, Implosion, E.motion and EHLEmeyers will put your lungs to the test, but you can also go for a smaller 500ml EHLE bong, or a 100ml cheap EHLE bong for those wanting to try and see if this brand actually delivers such a great quality and has good glassware (and believe us: they do!).

Buy EHLE bong bowls & BHO extractors

Besides a lot of bongs, Bongify also sells EHLE bong bowls, downstems, EHLE BHO extractors (ehle-x-trakt glass extractor) and EHLE ashtrays. All these products have one thing in common: genuine handmade German glassware from Limburg an der Lahn. But we ship the EHLE bongs all over the world, up to the USA, Canada and Australia. So are you looking for a high quality beaker bong, percolator bong, ice bong or cylinder bong? Then look no further and view our full range of EHLE bongs below.

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