Ice Bongs

An Ice Bong is a bong in which the smoke is cooled by ice cubes. This creates an incredibly smooth and tasty smoke that is very easy on the throat, which means: less coughing! When talking about "Ice Bongs", some people mean ice bong molds, which you can fill with water, put in the freezer, and let you create an ice bong out of nothing but ice! Bongify offers the best and cheapest ice bongs you can buy online. Free Shipping from €75!

Ice Bongs for sale at Bongify

Looking to buy an ice bong? We have cheap ice bongs, glass ice bongs, percolator ice bongs and ice vaporizer bongs for sale. You can find them all in this category. An ice bong is basically a normal bong with ice cubes, but we have them in many varieties: giant ice bongs, ice bong molds, liquid ice bong, ice percolator bongs, bong ice rasta, ice bongs for weed, and even ice cube molds for bong ice cubes, from renowned brands such as Black Leaf, Blaze Glass and Grace Glass! How does an ice bong work? The Ice Bong instructions are simple: just throw some ice in your bong with special "ice notches" meant for holding ice cubes, add some water, and you're ready to smoke! The smoke is first cooled by the bong water, and the ice finishes the job. Adding ice to a bong is very simple, but not all bongs are suitable to use as ice bongs. Have you never smoked an ice bong before? Try some of our cheap ice bongs to see whether ice bongs are good for you, or go for a luxurious glass ice bong with double tree percolator straight away if you're an experienced bong toker!

Is smoking an ice bong bad for you? There are some reports of health risks associated with ice bongs, because there is a few that inhalation at such a low temperature can cause bronchitis. However, there is no scientific research to back up these frightening theories at all, so we see nothing but avantages with smoking ice bongs. So, is an ice bong worth it? If you ask us, definitely!

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