Straight Tube Bongs

The Classic Straight Tube Bongs, also known as Cylinder Bongs or Straight Shooter Bongs, have been around for decades and are still immensely popular in both Europe and the United States. Check out all of our affordable straight bongs from the best straight tube bong brands such as Blaze Glass, Black Leaf, Boost, Grace Glass, and more. 

The advantages of straight tube bongs include: being easy to use, easy to clean, sturdy and reliable (wear-proof), and comfortable to hold. Especially thick glass (9mm) borosilicate straight tube bongs are often very strong and nearly indestructible. The cons of a straight tube bong vs beaker bong are that beakers tend to hold more water and smoke, which may give thicker smoke clouds while the extra weight of the water provides more stability to beakers. Nonetheless, there are also many straight tube bongs with percolators for sale that can easily compete with beaker bongs. In terms of smoking comfort, there is not much of a difference between a good straight tube bong and a beaker bong.

If you're looking to buy a cylinder bong, it's not always easy to choose. There are many options available, including stemless straight tube bongs or with downstem, straight tube honeycomb bongs, straight tube acrylic bongs, with ash catchers or ice catchers, and many sizes including 22, 24, and 30 inch. We've made a selection of the best straight bongs in different price ranges, so that you can order both cheap and high-end pieces depending on what exactly you're looking for.

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