The period when cannabis was consumed only in the form of weed or hash that we smoked (ate occasionally) is long gone. Indeed, there are today a countless number of ways to consume cannabis to such an extent that it is very easy to get lost in all this terminology such as liquid, oil, wax, dab, rosin tech, and others. This blog explains the basics of cannabis concentrates and dabbing.


Cannabis Concentrates: What Is It?

Firstly, there are not only one cannabis concentrates which materialize in multiple forms and are obtained. Thanks to two main extraction methods which are: solvent or without solvent (also called mechanical extraction). The term concentrate is vast and covers many forms that range from orally administered cannabis oil, dye to put under the tongue to hashish, through the spray wax.

To cut the long story short, cannabis concentrate includes any product obtained from the weed flowers by a process of extraction, this is done by the separation of cannabinoids (but not only) plant material of the plant. The result can come in the form of an oil or resin more or less concentrated in THC, CBD and a whole lot of other terpenes and cannabinoids.


How to Get Cannabis Concentrate

Far from the ancestral and natural extraction techniques, current methods often rely on scientific procedures and are much more sophisticated. Today there are two main extraction techniques which are: with or without a solvent. This implies that the separation of the cannabinoids from the rest of the plant can be done either naturally, dry or water, or chemically using solvents.


Dabbing: Consuming Concentrates

The Dabbing:

Dabbing, dab or dabber is a popular term in consuming concentrates, but what exactly do they mean? Dabbing is now considered the most common practice for vaporizing budder, wax, and other Rosin. The term dab can be translated as "dabbing", which means applying small touches or just a little bit of something because a tiny amount of concentrated dab might be enough to make you hover.

Dabbing a concentrate is done using a bang usually a glass pipe specially designed to accommodate the dabs, which are small pieces of concentrate which you burn and then vacuum through the pipe as you would for a socket. These are specifically designed to bring out the taste and psychoactive power of cannabis extracts. The dab is often a connoisseur's business for experienced smokers. This is because on average the cannabis flower that we smoke contains only between 10 and 30% while the concentrate that we drink contains between 70 and 80% of THC.

The user puts the substance into a bong also called a dab rig when used specifically for dabbing and then heats it using a blowtorch. This creates an inhalable vapor which the person inhales to feel the effect of the THC. Dabs could be also be used on a knife or hot nail, vape pen, and other vaporizers. Low-temperature dabbing can also be performed with tools called quartz bangers or carb caps.


How Safe is Dabbing?

It is believed that dabbing provides a cleaner and safer experience over smoking marijuana. This is because they breathe in a vapor rather than the smoke coming from the burning leaves. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily safe. It has been discovered that the vapor which is created by dabbing with butane hash oil increased the high amount of cancer-causing chemical benzene. Dabs have uncertain origins and are often homemade, and are also extracted with other potentially harmful solvents such as the pesticides. Addiction is a high risk with any dab that contains THC. This is because THC comes with the potential for dependence which contributes to addictive behaviors such as persistent use of marijuana even when it has caused lots of financial and family problems. Addiction treatment can help people who dependent to address addictive behaviors.

Dabbing is very popular and familiar to people who use marijuana recreationally. They tend to like the intensity of the highness offered by concentrated cannabis which can be derived by varying concentrate tools and forms.

Dabbing involves inhaling and spraying cannabis concentrates, and users report that tampons cause an immediate push, which could lead to an inability to drive safely. Dab gets users very high, very fast, it's almost instantaneous, with a very strong feeling.

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