Jet-Flash Smoking System

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The Jet-Flash Smoking System is a great handpipe with a sophisticated system for cooling the smoke and creating smoke tornados by injecting air into the bowl and mouthpiece / grip-flash. The Jet-Flash comes in a protective suitcase that makes it easy to carry it around.

Thanks to the different parts included in this smoking kit, you have different smoking options. With the normal "Jet Flash" pipe / mouthpiece, you can smoke it like a normal (spoon) pipe. But the included "Grip Flash" mouthpiece can be filled with water, and using the diffuser downstem the smoke gets cooled and filtered very effectively. Perfect for the ones that desire an extra smooth and tasty smoke. But also the Grip-Flash has air injection holes that create a "tornado" inside the pipe, while cooling the smoke down further. A very special and enjoyable way to smoke!

The Jet-Flash Bowl (Bowl Flash) can also be used on many bongs for a more special smoking experience. The diffuser downstem and regular bowl (in which you burn the herbs) can also be used on most bongs thanks to the universal joints.

Bongify only sells the genuine Jet-Flash Smoking System.


About The Jet-Flash Smoking System

  • Made of Glass
  • By Black Leaf
  • Height: 19 Centimeters
  • 3,2mm Glass Thickness
  • With Jet-Flash Air Holes
  • Bong Clip / Adapter Clip
  • Operating Guide
  • Protective Suitcase
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