Cheech & Chong Moe Money Bong

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Cheech & Chong Moe Money Bong

Cheech & Chong Moe Money

Very tall glass bong (43.20 cm in length) with hypnotizing donut design. The colour changes are pretty special too.

About Cheech & Chong

Richard “Cheech” Martin and Tommy Chong are the original stoner icons. Long before weed became acceptable the duo promoted the joys of smoking in a comical manner. As a stand-up act they presented the Cheech & Chong personae which at the end of the 1970s became cult figures thanks to films like Up In Smoke (1978) and Still Smokin (1983), which of course took place in Amsterdam.

Specialists in smoking

A career geared towards the joys of marijuana means the duo have amassed a lot of knowledge on maximizing the pleasures of a good hit. The result is the Cheech & Chong line which presents a wide selection of high-grade bongs, oil rigs and hand pipes, most of them named after one of their films or comedy albums.

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