Ceramic Chillum "Ganesha"

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This Ceramic Chillum "Ganesha" is a traditional pure pipe for smoking cannabis, hashish or tobacco. It comes complete with a replaceable filter stone and a protective cloth bag. Thanks to the ceramic material, the smoke remains pure, intense and flavourful. The chillum is decorated with the "Ganesha" symbol.

Ganesha is the deva of intellect and wisdom and is known as the remover of obstacles. And that is exactly what this pipe is used for; to gain intellect and wisdom and remove obstacles.

Although we are known as the bong specialist, we also have a nice range of well-priced chillums for sale. High quality wooden chillums, ceramic chillums and even glass chillums. Are you looking for something just a bit different than this "Ganesha" chillum? Then click here to view other models.


About the Ceramic Chillum "Ganesha"

  • Ceramic Chillum with "Ganesha" design
  • Length: 16 Centimeters
  • Chillum Stone / Filter Stone Included
  • Comes in a protective cloth bag
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