Ceramic Oil Nail for Dabbing

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A Ceramic Oil Nail for dabbing is one of the most preferable ways of smoking concentrates. A huge advantage of ceramic dab nails is that they keep the heat very long, which makes it easier to dab at the perfect temperature. 

How does it work? Simple! Put the nail on the bong, use a torch lighter to heat the oil pan until it's red hot, let it cool off for a bit (experience will teach you what temperature is best for dabbing and how long you should wait), use a good dabbing tool to dab the concentrate and slowly inhale while the smoke develops! To prevent any precious vapour from escaping, you can use a carb cap or an oil dome to collect the smoke and get the best out of every dab.

This ceramic oil nail is available in with both male and female attachments. Be sure to pick the right one! They both fit SG14 (14,5mm) and SG19 (18,8mm) bongs or dab rigs.  


About The Ceramic Oil Nail for Dabbing

  • Ceramic Dabbing Nail
  • Available in Male or Female
  • Fits both SG19 (18,8mm) and SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Diameter: 22mm (outside)
  • Colour: White
  • Keeps the heat very long
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