Damaged Orders

Did your order get damaged during delivery? Below, you can read what you can do about a damaged order.


Insured Shipping (Standard)

In most cases, your order is automatically insured against any damages that occur during shipping. Can you prove that your order was delivered broken (with for example some pictures or a video)? Then we will re-send the damaged goods. If those are no longer in stock, we will offer you an alternative.


In order to process your claim, we need the following six photos of the damaged shipment (WITHIN 48 HOURS AFTER DELIVERY!):

1 photo of the entire outside of the package
1 photo of the opened package
1 photo of all types of inner packaging
1 photo of the entire damaged item
1 detailed photo of the exact damage
1 photo of the shipping label on the package

Click here to contact us if your order arrived broken. Please include the above photo's - we cannot process your claim without these six pictures!




Uninsured / Untracked Shipping

However, to keep shipping costs low, we also offer the option of untracked or uninsured shipping to some countries. This is meant for small orders (for example, if you want to buy only a bowl, a downstem or some bong screens, you want to pay as little shipping fees as possible). If you choose uninsured or untracked shipping, then missing or damaged orders are at your own risk.


Free Shipping

If you buy for €75,- or more in our store, you can select the option of FREE SHIPPING (worldwide). Free shipping includes shipping insurance. So if you choose free shipping and the parcel is lost or damaged, no worries: we will send you a new product, or offer you a different solution if the product you ordered is no longer available.


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