Glass Bong Glue (Epoxy Resin)

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Did your bong break? Don't worry! With this Glass Bong Glue (Epoxy Resin), you can repair almost any type of damage to your pipe or bong made of glass, ceramic, acrylic/plastic and most other materials. This A/B glue is extremely strong and transparent. It works especially well for bongs that broke into two or three "clean" pieces and creates a very strong bonding that will never come loose again. It comes with an included nozzle for mixing the glue and applying it easily and evenly.

Be very careful not to expose your skin or eyes to the resin, and keep it away from children.


About The Glass Bong Glue (Epoxy Resin)

  • Glue for Bongs
  • Contains 4 ml
  • Epoxy A/B Resin
  • Repair Broken Bongs
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