Glass Gravity Bong / Bucket Bong

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This Glass Gravity Bong / Bucket Bong is an old favourite by Black Leaf: The 'Kooler' Bucket Bong. This bong works very differently from "normal" bongs: the water is not there to cool the smoke, but to draw the smoke into the bong.

The Gravity Bong works very simple: fill it with water, and fill the bowl with crumbled herbs. While lighting the bowl, slowly lift up the "bottle" (the inner part). As a result of the changing air pressure, the bottle is drawn full of smoke. When you can't lift the bottle any higher, you are ready to inhale the enormous cloud of smoke that has formed in the bottle. Remove the bowl, and inhale through the same hole. Try to inhale all of the smoke at once to enjoy the real kick like only a Gravity Bong can give you!

The biggest advantage of this glass Gravity Bong (also known as "Bucket Bong") is that it's made of safe to use materials, so there will be absolutely no toxic fumes coming off the bong (unlike many homemade plastic bongs with aluminium foil). Because this Gravity Bong is made of glass, it's perfectly safe to use (for as far as smoking weed is safe). Another HUGE advantage of this Gravity Bong is that it's super easy to clean, much easier than almost any other bong (because you can take it apart, and you can easily reach every inch with a cleaning brush). Use a little bong cleaner with some warm water and a brush, and it will be as good as new every time again!

Complete with glass "bucket", bottomless bottle, rubber protection ring, and glass bowl with rubber seal!


You can also make your own DIY Gravity Bong


About The Glass Gravity Bong / Bucket Bong

  • Made of Glass (2,5mm Thick)
  • Made By Black Leaf
  • Height: 33,5 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 10 Centimeters
  • No Kickhole / Carbhole
  • Protective Rubber Ring
  • Rubber Air Seal
  • With Black Leaf logo
  • In (gift)box
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