Glass Pure Pipe Set in a Case 'BREIT'

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The Glass Pure Pipe Set in a Case "BREIT" is the perfect on-the-go smoker kit. This pure pipe set contains a glass rasta pure pipe made of high quality borosilicate glass, a metal one hitter pipe, a pipe cleaning brush, five metal pipe screens, three pipe cleaner sticks, a small stash tin with a Yin-Yang print, and a glass container with a plastic screw cap. This cheap and handy little kit fits in basically all trousers or jacket pockets, so you can easily and discreetly take it with you, everywhere you go! The inside of the kit is designed with protective soft material, so that the glass pipe is always safe.

This Pure Pipe set is also available in a different design, with a THC-logo instead of the BREIT-design, a transparent pure pipe instead of the rasta-coloured one, and a gecko print on the metal stash can instead of the Yin-Yang design. However, the THC-kit does not contain a glass stash vial and no metal one-hitter.


This Pure Pipe Set contains:

  • 1x Glass Rasta Pure Pipe (Borosilicate)
  • 1x Metal One Hitter
  • 1x Pipe Cleaning Brush
  • 5x Metal Bong Screens
  • 3x Pipe Cleaners
  • 1x Metal Yin-Yang Stash Can
  • 1x Glass Screw Cap Bottle

Glazen Pure Pipe Set in doosje 'BREIT' overzicht

  • Fits in most pockets
  • Pure Pipe length: 75mm
  • Box dimensions: 108x75x20mm
  • With 'BREIT' logo in Rasta colours
  • Random plastic kit colours!
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