Naked Lady Pipe "Smoke Squirter"

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The Naked Lady Pipe "Smoke Squirter" is a unique piece of smoking equipment that gives you a very hot smoking experience. When you light your favourite herb in the bowl above her head, you can inhale a delicious stream of tasty (although not very moist) smoke that comes from the opening between her legs. 

Without any doubt, the Naked Lady Smoke Squirter Pipe is one of the most decorative little pipes that we have in stock. But the function is not only decorative! Every time that you smoke from this naughty little pipe, you train yourself to increase your girlfriend-pleasing skills. If that's not what you're after, consider this pipe as a fantastic gift for co-workers, friends, birthdays or even weddings. One thing is certain: none of your stoner friends have a pipe as cool (or should we say hot?) as this Lady Smoke Squirter pipe!

This naked girl pipe is made of (mostly) plastic/epoxy, and has an ultra-strong steel bowl for burning the herbs. This makes it a very durable pipe, that easily lasts for many many years if you treat it with the love and respect that this beautiful girl deserves. It's a fairly small pipe with a height of only 8 centimeters, which makes it easy to take it with you in a backpack or in the car to the park, beach or whatever else may be your favourite outdoor smoking spot. It also makes it easier to hide when you have family coming over to visit, to avoid having to give awkward explanations. But why hide this gorgeous naked lady? The design makes it possible to make the lady lay flat down on her back for missionary position, but you can also have her sitting straight up with her legs spread as if she's sitting down on top of you. Whatever your favourite position may be, the Smoke Squirter lady gives YOU the choice!

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About The Naked Lady Pipe "Smoke Squirter"

  • Smoking Pipe / Pure Pipe
  • Made of Metal and Epoxy/Plastic
  • Size: 8 Centimeters Tall
  • Sexy Pipes Series
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