Oil Lighters Calaveras Skulls 'Champ' (Metal)

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If you're looking for an affordable Zippo alternative (Zippo clone) that offers the same kind of quality and feel, these Oil Lighters Calaveras Skulls 'Champ' (Metal) may be just perfect for you!

These metal CHAMP Oil lighters are available in four different Calavera Skull designs that will deeply satisfy anyone with a passion for Mexican culture, psychedelic art and lots of colours. These "Calaveras" originate from Mayan and Aztec culture and nowadays are known for their widespread use during the Día de Muertos holiday on which people remember and celebrate their deceased loved ones. These designs are printed directly onto the metal, so the cool "CLING"-sound when opening the lighter is not affected.

How long does an oil lighter last? Because all parts that wear out are replaceable (the fuel, wick, flint and even the cotton that holds the fuel), these lighters are very durable. If you treat it well, it can easily last for many years. The outer case is made of steel and the whole insert could even be replaced. You can even use an original Zippo lighter insert (as well as a Zippo Butane Insert or Zippo Plasma Lighter Insert) in your CHAMP lighter, but the original Zippo insert may sit a little loose because it is slightly less wide.

How to fill an oil lighter? The instructions are included with the lighter, but you can also have a look at our online Zippo filling instructions. Or learn how to replace a Zippo flint and wick. These lighters do not come pre-filled, so make sure you have some Zippo fuel (available at Bongify) at hand.

Is a Zippo any good for bongs? Even though an oil lighter is not the first choice for many bong smokers, it is a very handy and reliable type of lighter that can be used anywhere at any time, and it will even work with regular gasoline or pure alcohol or isopropyl when you have nothing else to light your emergency spliff or bowl. We recommend using original Zippo fuel because this burns very cleanly and without any taste or smell, but it's good to know that you can use it to make fire with many more substances than Zippo fuel alone. And if you use hemp wick to light your bong, these oil lighters will work absolutely perfectly!

If you love these lighters but prefer a different design, be sure to check out our Rasta oil lighters.


About The Oil Lighters Calaveras Skulls 'Champ' (Metal)

  • Zippo-Style Lighters
  • Made by CHAMP®
  • Various Calavera Designs
  • Refillable (with Lighter Fluid)
  • Replaceable Flint and Wick
  • Safety instructions and user manual included.
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