Oil Vaporizer Pipe (Borosilicate Glass)

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The Oil Vaporizer Pipe (Borosilicate Glass) is a very simple glass pipe for vaporizing oil / wax / dabs or oleoresin, as well as dry herbs / flowers. This kind of pipe is also known as a "crack pipe" or "meth pipe", although we definitely wouldn't recommend using it to consume hard drugs. 

With a length of 15,5 centimeters, you can use this pipe safely without having the lighter too close to your face or getting hot oil splashes in your mouth. Simply put your smoke (whether it's a concentrate or crumbled dry flowers) in the pipe through the small hole, and heat it from the bottom using a (torch) lighter. When vaporizing oil or dabs, the concentrate will start to melt and evaporate after which you can (slowly) inhale the vapour. Very simple, cheap, and no need for a full dab rig. But you can also use it to vaporize dry flowers: just crumble / grind the bud, put it in the pipe and heat the pipe from the bottom. Like this, you heat the flowers without burning them, which means: no carbon monoxide, no tar, and much less harmful to your lungs (arguably not harmful at all). 

Thanks to the high quality borosilicate glass (also known as "scientific glass" or "Pyrex"), you can use this pipe for hundreds or even thousands of vape sessions without any signs of wear in the glass. It's not only very durable, but also heat- and scratch-resistant. It's strong enough to be carried around in a backpack or trousers pocket without any protection, although you should always be careful (it's still glass!). 


About The Oil Vaporizer Pipe (Borosilicate Glass)

  • Oil Pipe / Vaporizer Pipe
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Length: 15,5 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 1 Centimeter
  • For Oil / Wax, Dry Herbs, and more
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