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We have many different models of spoon pipes for sale at Bongify. Yes, we are the bong specialist and not the spoon pipe specialist, but hey, spoon pipes make a great addition to bongs at certain occasions! For example: when you're in the car, at work, at school, or perhaps over for dinner at your parents-in-law and you need to make a quick toilet break to enhance the mood by enjoying some dank herbs really quick! Of course spoon pipes offer a less sophisticated smoke than the percolator bongs and diffuser bubblers we have in stock, but they're only a fraction of the size as well! If you're asking us: what's better, spoon pipes vs bongs? We would say bongs, but it really depends on the situation.

Why are these pipes called "spoon pipes"? The answer couldn't be simpler: these pipes are shaped like spoons. You fill the "spoon" part with herbs (which is the pipe bowl) or hashish / concentrates, and light it up for a quick hit! We have mostly glass spoon pipes available in our store, but there are also metal spoon pipes and acrylic spoon pipes. And yes, we have some cheap spoon pipes, but we also find it very important to offer good quality pipes. Cleaning your spoon pipe is peanuts with our pipe cleaning accessories. Do I need to buy screens with my pipe? That depends: you can use a spoon pipe with or without screen, and there are also several spoonpipes with built in screens for sale. These allow you to enjoy your precious herbs without having to mess around with metal gauzes or ashes in your pipe. If you're looking to buy a spoon pipe, look no further!

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