Set with Two Aluminium Downstems (Diffuser) For Bongs

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This Set with Two Aluminium Downstems (Diffuser) For Bongs are unbreakable bong downstems with variable lengths and with diffusers. Made of high quality aluminium by the German company Black Leaf, meaning: ultra-strong, taste-free, very durable and also simply beautiful!

In this stylish and innovative set, there are two metal downstems included. The downstems are made up of various parts with screw thread, that can be removed and interchanged to make the downstem that perfectly fits your needs. You can play around until you have the perfect length, and use it with or without the diffuser parts. The parts of one downstem also fit on the other, making many different variations possible. So you can vary the length and put together the optimal length for your waterpipe. The shortest possible length is 2.5cm, the longest possible length is 21cm. 

Both adapters are for standard grindings SG19 (18,8mm) bongs. While one is also suitable for bowls, bangers, etc. with SG 19, the other one gives hold to bowls, bangers, etc. with SG 14 (14,5mm). One of the downstems has a fairly classic design with vertical diffuser slits, while the other stem has cross-shaped diffusers.

Because this set comes in a beautiful gift box (and because it fits on almost all bongs), it is the ultimate bong-related gift for any stoner. But this box is also very practical: you will not use all of the parts at the same time, therefore this box is the ideal place to keep your unused parts. If you're using these metal downstems to replace a glass stem you already have, you can keep the glass one safe in this box as well.

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About The Set with Two Aluminium Downstems (Diffuser) For Bongs

  • Metal Downstems for Bongs (Aluminium)
  • Two Downstems Included (Various Parts)
  • Length: Between 25mm and 210mm (Variable Length)
  • Joint Size: For SG 19/14 and SG 19/19 (14,5/18,8mm)
  • Interchangeable Downstem Parts with Diffusor Slits
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue and Black
  • Set includes two downstems in gift box
  • Made by Black Leaf
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