Shisha / Hookah 'Red Atlas' 56cm (2 Hoses)

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The Shisha / Hookah 'Red Atlas' 56cm (2 Hoses) is a great (water)pipe for smoking flavoured tobacco or steam stones (shisha stones). Its beautiful design combined with a focus on practicality gives you the ultimate hookah smoking experience at a very reasonable price.

Thanks to the relatively large size of this hookah pipe, it lets you blow huge smoke clouds without much effort. Because it comes with two hoses, it is perfect for smoking together with friends (simultaneously), with your girlfriend, or at parties. Or, if you're alone, you can also use it with only one hose. Its neutral yet graceful appearance makes this hookah fit in well in almost any interior, and can be used to give your house or room an extra cozy atmosphere. The included bowl for tobacco or steam stones is made of ceramic, which is a great material for this purpose because it is durable and holds the heat well.

How does this shisha work? How to light the shisha, and how do you smoke it properly? That depends on your exact wishes and personal taste, but lighting and smoking a shisha/hookah is not very difficult. First you fill the hookah base with water, and then you assemble the whole pipe (the hookah consists of various parts, so that it takes up less space when you're not using it, while also being much easier to clean). Now you add some shisha tobacco or steam stones to the bowl, put a layer of aluminium foil over it and punch a lot of holes in the foil. Then you light one or two shisha charcoals, and put it on top of the aluminium foil. Now you let the tobacco warm up a little, and after waiting for about two minutes you strongly inhale through the hose a few times. Now the hookah will start filling up with some, and after a few draws through the mouthpiece, you will begin inhaling some dense and delicious clouds of smoke.

Cleaning a hookah or shisha is quite easy, especially if you have the right cleaning supplies. In our online hookah shop, you can find a number of very effective hookah cleaners and good brushes, that help you make your hookah look like new again in no time. Disassemble the shisha, clean the parts individually with some shisha cleaner (e.g. Black Leaf Bio Cleaner) and some lukewarm water. This way, you can enjoy the pure and delicious flavour of your shisha tobacco again and again. 

Generally speaking: the bigger the shisha, the more smoke it produces. Are you looking to buy a small hookah? Or would you like to use a different bowl (a glass bowl, for example, or one with a sieve so you don't need any foil)? Then have a look at the rest of our hookah shop. Transform your house, room, garage or shed into your personal shisha lounge!

This shisha / hookah is also available in Black, Green, and Blue.


About The Shisha / Hookah 'Red Atlas' 56cm (2 Hoses)

  • Hookah / Shisha / Narghile
  • Made of Glass, Metal, Ceramic
  • Height: ± 56 centimeters
  • Color: Red
  • Hoses: 2 (included)
  • Charcoal tongs included
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