Silicone Bong "Skull" Camouflage

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This Silicone Bong "Skull" Camouflage is ideal for on the go: You can roll it up! Very practical for carrying it around in a bag or backpack, and also very space-saving when you want to store it somewhere in your house. In addition to the flexibility, it is also a very low-weight bong. The bong is made of food-grade silicone which is almost unbreakable and has a high resistance to heat and cold. It even comes with a silicone strap which holds the bong together when folded up.The only part that isn't made of silicone is the metal downstem with bowl. A special feature of this unscrewable bowl is the integrated bong screen!

Another great feature, thanks to the silicone, is that this bong is very easy to clean using hot water and a bit of bong cleaner! The bong is 26,5 centimeters tall, and is available in four different colours. 


About The Silicone Bong "Skull" Camouflage

  • Food-Grade Silicone Bong
  • Skull Design
  • Camouflage Pattern Colours
  • Height: 26,5 centimeters
  • Metal Bowl and Downstem
  • With Strap for Folding Up
  • Easy to clean
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