Smokebuddy Original 'Glow' Air Filter

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The Smokebuddy Original 'Glow' Air Filter is an amazing gadget for when you have to smoke discreetly. The Smoke Buddy is designed to effectively filter odours out of your smoke. It also filters out dirty particles, so you don't even have to worry about second-hand smoking. The Smoke Buddy original is designed in the USA, and has a special, patented activated carbon filter. Thanks to the many great smoke buddy reviews, this bong or joint filter has become incredibly popular in a short period of time. Simply exhale the inhaled smoke through the SmokeBuddy filter, and clean, filtered, fresh air flows out.

How long does it last? According to the manufacturer, the Smoke Buddy Original is estimated to last for at least 300 uses, possibly more. This is the SmokeBuddy "Glow In The Dark" version, but the inside is exactly the same as the smokebuddy original. The Smoke Buddy jr is slightly smaller than this one.

The Smoke Buddy Glow is ideal for use at home, in the car, or at work, and comes with a free Mr. Smokebuddy keychain. If you compare this product to the alternatives, such as smokebuddy vs sploof, you will find that the Smoke Buddy is at the top of the market and out-performs any other smoke odour killer. We only sell genuine SmokeBuddy products. Order this high quality smoke filter today from Bongify, The #1 Online Bong Specialist.


About the SmokeBuddy Original 'Glow' Air Filter

  • Filter the smell of your bong or joint smoke
  • SmokeBuddy "Glow In The Dark" model
  • Material: Made of Plastic
  • Colour: Blue, Glow in the Dark
  • Size: 100 x 55 x 55 mm
  • With 'mr. Smokebuddy' Keychain
  • 300 uses or more
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