'SmokeWater' Magic Bong Water (Natural Flavour) 0,5L

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SmokeWater is the ultimate solution to dirty bongs: instead of using regular water, add some SmokeWater to your bong, dab rig or hookah before smoking, and your pipe will remain completely clean! No tar buildup, no resin, no gunk – even after dozens of bong hits or smoking sessions.

After your smoking session, you simply throw out the dirty SmokeWater and give your bong a quick rinse with regular tap water to flush out all residue, and you’re done! Your pipe is completely clean, and there’s no need to use any cleaning products or brushes to remove stubborn residue. Especially suitable for complicated percolator bongs, honeycomb bongs, recycler bongs and all other waterpipes that are difficult to (keep) clean. With SmokeWater, keeping your bong clean suddenly becomes very easy.

Another BIG reason to use SmokeWater as a bong water alternative, is that you can freeze it without the water getting solid or turning into ice. So you can use SmokeWater as ice-cold, freezable bong water to cool down your hits and make your throat happy.

So, if I always use SmokeWater, my pipe will never get dirty? Exactly!

Is SmokeWater safe? SmokeWater is a completely natural, safe, odor-free and taste-free product made of vegetable extracts and all-natural ingredients. We wouldn’t recommend you drinking SmokeWater, but even if you do get some in your mouth or stomach, it’s not dangerous or damaging to your health as all ingredients are food-grade and approved by the FDA.


About 'SmokeWater' Magic Bong Water (Natural Flavour) 0,5L

  • Bong Water Alternative
  • Prevents bong from getting dirty
  • Freezable for extra cold bong hit
  • Flavour: Natural (No Flavour)
  • Contains 500 millimeters
  • Can be used pure or diluted
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