Rolling Trays

Are you looking to buy a rolling tray? Have a look at our collection of handy and fun rolling trays (also known as "joint trays" or "weed trays")! Dozens of glass rolling trays, metal rolling trays and even epoxy rolling trays, from brands such as RAW and the German brand Black Leaf.

In Europe, rolling trays are only just beginning to get popular, but once you've used one, you will never want to roll a joint without using a rolling tray. Why would you use a rolling tray? What are the benefits? A rolling tray is simply very useful and handy: it keeps all your rolling equipment (such as rolling papers, tips or filters, and a grinder) neatly together, while preventing spillage or leftovers on the floor or table. A rolling tray is normally very easy to wipe off or empty thanks to a smooth surface and the absence of sharp edges. In addition, a rolling tray also serves as decoration, because they often have a nice print (for example Naruto, Louis Vuitton, Rick and Morty, Zelda, or Dragonball Z, but also completely different styles) that is sure to put you in a good mood. This makes rolling trays a highly sought-after collector's item that can sometimes even increase in value considerably.

How big should a rolling tray for joints be? That depends on your needs: many stoners like a rolling tray that is not too big for them to store, but also not too small so that there is enough space for accessories such as rolling papers, tips, a grinder, and weed. The ideal size for your rolling tray also depends on where you are going to use it: if it will be used mainly on the coffee table, it is best to order a large rolling tray. But if you're going to put it in the glove compartment of your car, for example, then it is wise to buy a small rolling tray. Covers are also available for some rolling trays to cover the top. This way, your weed stuff is neatly stashed away (out of sight) and you won't lose anything. Moreover, no dust gets on your rolling tray.

In addition to the classic rolling trays, Bongify also has weed stash boxes available that serve as an alternative to rolling trays. Some people find these boxes (like the "Spliff Box") more convenient than rolling trays, or simply find the classic wooden look more appealing. But when is it better to choose a rolling tray? That mainly depends on your own requirements and the way in which you will use it. A rolling tray often really serves as a bowl to turn or mix weed, while a weed box is used more as storage for grinders, rolling papers, and other turning supplies.

Which rolling tray material is ideal for you is a matter of personal preference. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, or pros and cons. Many rolling trays are made of metal (aluminum): these are lightweight, strong, and fairly inexpensive to purchase. This also applies to plastic rolling trays, which are often even cheaper. In addition, there are also wooden rolling trays for people who want a more natural look, but these are a bit more difficult to clean properly. There are also glass rolling trays that look very luxurious and are easy to use. These are often a bit heavier and more vulnerable, except for the unbreakable glass RAW rolling tray. Then there are the special (for example LED) rolling trays, like those made of epoxy or silicone.

At Bongify, we also offer a custom rolling tray service where you can design and make your own rolling tray with a custom picture, logo or text. Contact us for more information about this.

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