Soft Glass Bongs

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What is a soft glass bong?

Soft Glass BongSoft Glass Bongs are the cheapest glass bongs you can buy. These bongs are made of soft glass, which means that they’re made of regular, cheap glass. Most glass bongs are made of borosilicate glass, such as the varieties in our Silver Line and Gold Line Bongs.

Why would I buy a soft glass bong?

The main reason for most people to buy soft glass bongs is the lower price compared to hardened glass bongs. You can get a nice-looking piece for just a fraction of the price of a regular hardened glass bong. If you’re interested in buying soft glass bongs, check out our Bronze Line.

Soft glass bongs vs borosilicate glass bongs

So, is a hardened glass / borosilicate glass bong really worth the extra money? If you ask us, they definitely are. While it is possible to get nice soft glass bongs for a low price, we would always buy hardened glass bongs. This has only one simple reason: durability.

A soft glass bong may smoke just as nicely as a borosilicate glass bong. But because they’re so much easier to break, it might be a better investment to buy a decent piece the first time. Also, because soft glass bongs break easier, they usually don’t come with percolators, diffusers or other special features. Nonetheless, if you treat your soft glass bong with care and a little love, it can be a reliable smoking machine for many years.

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