Terp Slurper Banger Set with Carb Cap (Black Leaf)

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This 45 degree Terp Slurper Banger Set with Carb Cap (Black Leaf) is the most modern and efficient way to dab. This full set allows you to dab or vape concentrates, dabs or "wax" using almost any regular bong or dab rig. Available in both 14,5mm (SG14) and 18,8mm (SG19), made by the German bong company Black Leaf.

This terp slurper kit with a carb cap and 4 beads or "terp pearls" comes in a cool metal box with a plastic window and protective foam inside. This box or tin is a perfect place to store your banger kit while not in use, to take it with you on travels, or for giving away as a (birthday) present to another stoner. The diameter of the marbles or beads is 25mm, 14mm, and 2x 6mm. Note: the two small beads are somewhat hidden between the protective foam inside the box, so be careful not to lose them!


What is a terp slurper? A terp slurper is a specific style of dabbing banger with a dish attached to the bottom. Why use a terp slurper? A terp slurper has several benefits: This style of banger improves the flavours of the concentrate while ensuring an efficiënt dabbing experience by minimizing (or actually: eliminating) the amount of concentrate that is wasted. There is zero waste when using a terp slurper banger, because every little drop that isn't used or heated will be drawn into the banger on the next hit, or can be removed from the banger using a dab tool or scraper tool. This can save a LOT of money in the long run, because your concentrates simply last longer! The concentrate keeps recycling itself, allowing you to enjoy every last drop.

How does a terp slurper work? These special bangers work very similarly to regular quartz bangers, but this more modern and improved design increases efficiency and improves the flavour. The terp pearls inside the banger disperse the heat more evenly by moving around and increasing the surface area on which the concentrate is heated. Pill not spinning? Try drawing slightly harder or cleaning the balls.

Is a terp slurper worth it? If you ask us, there is no doubt about it. A terp slurper with marble set is one of the most modern and sophisticated ways of dabbing, that is still easy and accessible to beginners. And even a higher price for the banger is easily justified, because a good terp slurper banger can save you a lot of concentrate (and therefore Dollars, Euros, or... pesos, perhaps?) over the long term. So a terp slurper is definitely worth it and also much better than many other banger designs.

How to use a terp slurper? Using a terp slurper banger is no more difficult than using a regular banger, but to get the best possible dabbing experience, there are a few things you can do. First, place the two small pearls inside the banger. Then you heat the banger (which we explain in the next paragraph), and then you simply add the concentrate or wax to the oil pan using a proper dabber tool. The concentrate will now start evaporating - use either the (spinning) carb cap OR the two larger balls to minimize the air supply, which maximizes the development of smoke. Now just inhale... and enjoy!


Heating a terp slurper is very similar to heating a regular banger. Using a torch lighter, you heat the upper part of the banger (not the dish) while rotating to prevent overheating a single spot of the glass. When it's fully heated (heat time varies depending on the torch and personal preferences), wait for about 15 to 60 seconds before adding the concentrate. You can also do a cold start dab, which we explain in the next paragraph.

Terp slurpers are especially suitable for low temp dabbing. The terp slurper design (together with the spinning terp pearls) ensures that all of the concentrate gets heated well and evenly, so that you get full evaporation and a fantastic flavour even at lower temperatures. Dabbing at lower temperatures also has another HUGE advantage: by heating your banger less, the wear is significantly reduced, making your banger last much longer!

This banger also works very well for cold starts. This is an alternative to the traditional low temp dabbing. Cold start dabbing or reverse dabs are exactly what the name implies: instead of heating the banger first and then "dabbing" the concentrate into the hot banger, you fill the banger first and heat it afterwards. The design of this banger ensures that the dabs are drawn upwards through the vertical tube, into the hottest part of the banger where it will evaporate. 


Cleaning a terp slurper is a piece of cake using the bong/dab rig cleaning products available at Bongify. Keep your banger clean for an optimal smoking experience, but then again... this terp slurper banger cleans itself as you use it!

Use this terp slurper kit together with a reclaim catcher for ZERO WASTE DABS!


Bongify only sells GENUINE Black Leaf Terp Slurper Sets! Free shipping on all orders of €75 or more to the United States, Europe, U.K., Australia and the rest of the world!


Terp Slurper Banger Set with Carb Cap (Black Leaf) Overview

  • Terp Slurper Banger Kit
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Joint Size: SG14 (14,5mm) or SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Length: 52 Millimeters
  • Diameter: 22/18mm
  • Angle: 45 Degree
  • Made by Black Leaf® (With BL Logo)
  • Carb Cap Included
  • 4 Beads / Pearls Included (Various Sizes)
  • Comes in Stylish Metal (Gift) Box
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