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'Unilite' Butane Lighter Gas 300ml

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'Unilite' Butane Lighter Gas 300ml is perfect for filling lighters or performing (cannabis-) extractions (BHO). This butane contains very little impurities which makes it a great choice at a great price.

Unilite is een van de meest bekende en populaire merken van aanstekerbrandstof. Geschikt voor het hervullen van aanstekers. Dankzij de goede kwaliteit van dit aansteker gas, ben je verzekerd van een pure vlam zonder rookontwikkeling of roetvorming. Hiermee houd je alle aanstekers in topconditie.

Unilite is one of the most well-known and popular brands of lighter fuel. Very suitable for refilling lighters. Thanks to the good quality of this lighter gas, you are assured of a pure flame without smoke development or soot formation. This keeps all lighters in top condition.

Note: It is often not wise to economize on lighter gas, because the impurities in cheap butane gas can clog the interior of the lighter. The use of poor-quality lighter gas is often the cause of a poorly or non-functioning lighter. With this 300ml gas canister from Unilite, you can fill your lighter dozens of times, and you can be sure that you are using good quality gas. Especially with torch lighters (gas burners) or luxury lighters such as a DuPont, you want to take good care of your lighter and do whatever it needs to keep it in great condition. Go for good quality at a bargain price with the Unilite 300ml lighter gas.

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About 'Unilite' Butane Lighter Gas 300ml

  • Lighter Gas (Butane)
  • Suitable for extractions (BHO)
  • Contains: 300 milliliters
  • Brand: Unilite
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