Acrylic / Plastic Bong with metal bowl

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This Acrylic / Plastic Bong with metal bowl is a small, handy acrylic bong with a round water-chamber, metal down-pipe & bowl and grip nodules on the cylinder. The is a medium-sized bong with a height of 31 centimeters, which many smokers would find just perfect. This plastic bong is easy to take out of the house for smoking outdoors or travelling thanks to the low weight and strong material, but it is also a great bong for smoking at home. The bong has a small "kickhole" or carbhole with a rubber edge for comfortably inhaling your precious smoke all at once. The metal downstem and bowl are attached with a rubber plug fitting. The flexible and removable foot for easy cleaning and plenty of stability. You might wonder, what does a removable bong base have to do with easy cleaning? It enables you to open up the bottom of the bong to easily clean the smoke chamber from the bottom. This plastic bong is one of the best buys out there if you're looking for a cheap, reliable and good-looking bong. Buy this acrylic / plastic bong directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist.

A basic, strong and very durable plastic bong. 


About the Acrylic / Plastic Bong with metal bowl

  • Plastic Bong with Metal Bowl
  • Height: 310 millimeters
  • Rubber Plug Downstem Fitting
  • With Kickhole / Carbhole
  • No colour choice possible
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