AK-47 Machine Gun Bong "Zombie Chaser"

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As a peace-pipe, this AK-47 Machine Gun Bong  "Zombie Chaser" is guaranteed to be a massive hit at any party! Even as a decorative piece, this AK-47 bong is sure to pacify even the hardest gun lover.

Who doesn't want a water pipe shaped like a machine gun? This Kalashnikov Bong with a length of 50 centimeters (half a meter!), there's no more worrying about not impressing your stoner friends. This is one of the only affordable glass rifle bongs on the market, together with our Tommy Gun bong and our 'Peace Keeper' pistol bong. You should definitely check those other bongs out if the Russian rifle isn't exactly your style. The AK47 shaped bong is made of fairly thick glass, which gives this bong a solid feel and some extra durability. We're not saying you should take this bong and throw at on the floor, but it won't break as quickly as some modern day smartphones.The round mouthpiece provides good comfort. The metal chillum and bowl can easily be replaced if necessary, but if you treat you AK47 bong properly, you won't need to. This bong is not made with some sort of violent idea in mind, but it's smoke is guaranteed to hit you just as hard as an actual Kalashnikov. Are you ready to shoot your brain full of cannabinoids?


About the AK-47 Machine Gun Bong  "Zombie Chaser"

  • AK47 Bong / AK-47 Waterpipe
  • Made of high quality glass
  • With "Zombie Chaser" print
  • Length: 50 centimeters
  • Metal bowl and downstem with rubber plug
  • With kickhole / carbhole
  • Beautiful decorative piece
  • Made of fairly thick glass
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