Black 8-Arm Tree Percolator Bong with Ice Notches

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This beautiful Black 8-Arm Tree Percolator Bong with Ice Notches is handmade of high quality borosilicate glass, which makes bongs more sturdy and scratch-proof. The glass is 3 milimeters thick, which gives it an overall sense of quality. The percolator bong is 42 centimeters tall, with a diameter of about 5 centimeters in the tube and 12 centimeters in the beaker. The bong has an universal SG19 (18,8mm) fitting for downstems or accessories such as precoolers, but the included diffuser downstem does a very good job at cooling and smoothening the smoke, by breaking it up into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area of the smoke.

The main cooling and filtering however, happens in the percolator. But there's even extra cooling when you fill it up with ice: this bong has an ice chamber above the tree percolator. Fill this up with some ice cubes and there will be almost no coughing at all. The simple but strong bowl has a practical handle to lift it out of the bong, in order to pull out the smoke. This is simply a great bong that is almost too good for its price. Buy directly from the #1 online bong specialist of Europe.


About The Black 8-Arm Tree Percolator Bong with Ice Notches

  • Percolator Bong / Ice Bong
  • Height: 42cm, Diameter: 120/50mm
  • Grind / Fitting: SG 19/14 (14,5mm bowl /18,8mm downstem)
  • Made Of Borosilicate Glass (3mm Thick Glass)
  • With Ice Notches For Bong Ice Cubes
  • With Diffuser Downstem (Length: 128mm)
  • Glass Bowl With Handle Included
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