Black Glass Bong with UFO Percolator

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This reasonably priced but solid Black Glass Bong with UFO Percolator is made of high quality borosilicate glass. It's a handy sized bong with a height of 26 centimeters. This percolator bong comes with a glass SG19 herb bowl with a glass handle, which enables you to easily lift the bowl out of the bong without burning your fingers. The handle is not only very handy for simulating the "carb hole" effect, but it also acts as a roll-stop, preventing the bowl from rolling off the table. The borosilicate glass doesn't only provide more strength, whereas borosilicate is hardened glass or "tough glass", it also increases resistance to heat and scratching.

The most important feature of this bong is of course the UFO percolator, which (together with the high quality glass) creates the difference between a solid bong and a lesser model. By diffusing the smoke, the percolator helps the water cool the smoke down and filter it of as many unwanted particles (such as tar) as possible. Thanks to the percolator, you can be absolutely certain of well-cooled, well-filtered, tasteful and exceptionally smooth smoke. In fact, this bong has three water chambers in which your smoke is cooled down. The so-called splash guard at the top of the upper chamber protects against unwanted water splashes in your mouth.

Another great feature of this black glass bong with UFO percolator is the solid round foot, which provides plenty of stability, enabling you to even upgrade it with an ash catcher or precooler. The comfortable mouthpiece makes it a true pleasure to use this bong. This bong does not have a seperate, removable downstem. The included bowl fits perfectly into the SG19 (18,8mm) socket, also called "grinding". If you're looking to buy a percolator bong, then this may just be the perfect bong for you. Buy this genuine Glass Percolator Bong directly from Bongify, The #1 Online Bong Specialist.


About The Black Glass Bong with UFO Percolator

  • Black Glass Bong with UFO Percolator
  • Made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 26 centimeters
  • Equipped with UFO Percolator & Splash Guard
  • 3,5mm Thick Glass (Borosilicate)
  • Grind / Socket: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Solid Round Foot and Comfortable Mouthpiece
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