'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb

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This 'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Triple Honeycomb Percolator makes it a pleasure to buy a bong. You can easily see that this compact Honeycomb Bong from the German bong brand Black Leaf is handmade from high quality glass, by a true bong specialist. The triple honeycomb percolator discs in this affordable bong not only make sure that the smoke is cooled and filtered amazingly effectively, but it also looks really cool. By diffusing the smoke into hundreds of small bubbles, the surface area of the smoke is increased significantly, allowing the water to do it's work much better than in bongs without a honeycomb percolator. This makes the smoke cleaner (it contains less tar and other impurities), much more smooth and less scratchy on the throat, and therefore much more comfortable. The impurities that are filtered out remain in the bong water, so it even makes smoking herbs a bit healthier for your lungs. The blue details in the stable round foot, the comfortable and finely finished mouthpiece, the bowl's glass handle and the integrated glass screen in the bowl give this bong that extra finishing touch. The 'HoneyComb' print shows that this is no cheap chinese imitation. As said before, this is is compact bong with a height of only 22,5 centimeters. The bowl with handle and screen fits perfectly into the SG19 (18,8mm) bowl socket, which also allows you to upgrade this bong with a precooler or ash catcher. This bong ensures you of smooth, cool and tasty smoke with every hit. Order this genuine 'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Triple Honeycomb Percolator directly from the #1 Online Bong Specialist if you want to enjoy this affordable piece of luxury.


'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Triple Honeycomb Overview

  • Made of high quality glass (4mm thick)
  • Colour: Transparent with blue details
  • With "Honeycomb" Print
  • Height: 22,5 centimeters
  • Diameter: 38mm / 25mm
  • Bowl Socket: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • With Triple Honeycomb Percolator (40 holes per disc)
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