'Black Leaf' 'Two Ways', oil or herbs Bong with HoneyComb

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This 'Black Leaf' 'Two Ways', oil or herbs Bong with HoneyComb is a fairly large bong from by the German bong brand Black Leaf. This solid and durable bong is made of heat- and scratch proof borosilicate glass. Size is no issue with this bong: with a large diameter of 5 centimeters, a height of 38 centimeters and a fairly large mouthpiece, you are always capable of inhaling enormous amounts of smoke in order to blow huge clouds. 
Thanks to the HoneyComb Percolator Disc with dozens of tiny holes, the smoke is exposed to a much larger surface area of water, effectively increasing the cooling and filtration of the smoke. The smoke is not only much cooler and less scratchy on the throat than when smoking a bong without a honeycomb disc, but it also literally "cleans" the smoke. More tar and other unwanted toxic particles remain in the bong water after filtration, instead of in your lungs. Therefore, this bong is a much more healthier way of smoking your herbs! Simply flush the bong water after use, and the tar particles are gone!
The attachment for the bowl is SG19F, or a female 18,8mm fitting / grinding. The bong comes with two bowls: one for herbs and tobacco, and one for oils and concentrates (wax / dabs). If you want, this 'Black Leaf' 'Two Ways', oil or herbs Bong with HoneyComb transforms from a regular bong into an oil rig / dab rig within seconds! The Black Leaf "Two Ways" emblem gives this bong a beautiful finishing touch. Buy this genuine Black Leaf Two Ways Oil Or Herbs HoneyComb Bong directly from the #1 online bong specialist of Europe.
Equipped with a HoneyComb Percolator!

'Black Leaf' 'Two Ways', oil or herbs Bong with HoneyComb overview

  • 'Two Ways' HoneyComb Bong
  • Manufactured by Black Leaf
  • Made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • 380 Millimeters Tall
  • Diameter: 50 millimeters
  • Grind / Bowl Attachment: SG 19F (18,8mm female)
  • 5 Millimeters Thick Glass
  • With 2 Bowls, For Smoking Oil Or Herbs
  • With 'Black Leaf Two Ways' print
  • Very decent, solid and durable bong
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