'Blaze Glass' Bong with 2x UFO Percolator

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This 'Blaze Glass' Bong with 2x UFO Percolator is a premium handmade bong with an appearance of pure luxury. It is made of the finest borosilicate glass by our top brand Blaze Glass, which makes the bong very strong but also heat- and scratch-resistant. The double UFO percolator is a unique way of filtering and cooling the bong water, which works very well. The UFO percolators make this bong very comfortable and smooth to smoke. The glass is 5 millimeters thick and gives this bong a very robust feel, and thanks to the round base it stands very stable on most surfaces. This bong is a real heavyweight, and is very durable. When used normally, it can literally last forever.

The bowl for dried herbs has a large inlet hole and a practical handle, which makes it easy to lift the bowl out of the bong in order to draw out all the smoke, without burning your fingers! At the same time, the handle functions as a "roll-stop", preventing the bowl from rolling off a table. The round, very well-finished mouthpiece gives this bong a final touch of luxury. The silver 'Blaze Glass' emblem is discreetly placed over the base of the bong. The bong is 40 centimeters tall, and has an SG19 (18,8mm) bowl. This bong does not have a seperate or removable downstem; the downstem is fixed and goes directly into the smoking chamber. Bongify only sells genuine Blaze Glass bongs. Buy this beautiful, well-priced Blaze Glass Bong with 2x UFO Percolator directly from the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!


About The  'Blaze Glass' Bong with 2x UFO Percolator

  • Made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Manufactured by Blaze Glass
  • 40 centimeters tall
  • Diameter: 65 mm / 32 mm
  • SG19 bowl (18,8mm)
  • 5 millimeters Thick Glass
  • Double UFO Percolator
  • Beautiful, Well-Priced Bong
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