420 Apparel

This is our collection of stoner clothing. We have different kinds of weed merchandise such as weed sweaters, rasta clothes and weed hoodies. If you're a true supporter of legalization, 420 apparel is unmissable. Have a look at our weed clothes shop for the best rasta merch, reggae wear and rasta t-shirts online. Show everyone that the world needs MORE 420!

Buy weed merchandise online from the #1 Bong Specialist

Bongify is proud to present you our own line of hoodies! These comfortable, durable hoodies with our own logo are perfect to wear when smoking. They're soft, warm and light. Besides our own 420 apparel brand, we also sell 420 Dutch Highlife T-shirts to represent the Dutch stoner community. Of course, we also have a selection of rasta clothes in stock. Represent the community, be proud and put on some 420 clothes.

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