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Design your own bong

Do you want your own name on a bong? Don’t look any further; Bongify is the only company in Europe making personalized bongs, and it’s not even expensive.

Personalized bongs are not just cool to have yourself; they’re a great, unique gift for any stoner, and are guaranteed to make someone very happy. Because you didn’t just remember the person’s favourite activity, you put their name on it as well.

Thanks to advanced techinques, we are now able to put a digital design on a bong.. with endless possibilities. 

How does it work?

Simple! Just pick the bong you would like to customize, enter your text, and we will take care of the rest! The sandblasted effect makes sure the design is permanent.

Your own logo on a bong

Would you like us to create something truly unique? We can put your logo, icon or something different on a bong as well.  We also do larger quantities for businesses such as coffeeshops, shisha lounges, cannabis clubs and headshops.

Contact us for a custom request and we will get back to you with an offer as soon as we can.

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