Glass 'Blaze' Bong 9-Arm Tree + Shower Head Perc

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This Glass 'Blaze' Bong 9-Arm Tree + Shower Head Perc is a puristically beautiful percolator bubbler from 'Blaze Glass'. This very handy but also extremely robust water pipe made of borosilicate glass brings the water first through the shower head percolator to bubble. The resulting smoke cooling and filtering is further enhanced in the next chamber with a 9-arm tree percolator - for a pleasantly smooth smoking pleasure!

The herb bowl has a handle so it can be quickly pulled up for the final kick.

About The Glass 'Blaze' Bong 9-Arm Tree + Shower Head Perc

  Material: Borosilicate Glass
  Color: clear
  Print: Blaze Glass Logo
  Height: 320mm
  Diameter: 72/32mm
  Grind: NS 14 (14,5mm)
  Percolator: 9-Arm Tree Percolator, Shower Head Diffuser
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