Glass Bong Round Stand

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The Glass Bong Round Stand is a classic, cheap bong for the true purist. This simple bong is made of strong glass, and has a very stable round foot. These type of bongs are often called cylinder bongs. The glass is 2,5mm thick, which is thick enough to give this bong a good strength while keeping the price down. Thanks to the carbhole on the side, you can easily blow enormous clouds of smoke, because it enables you to draw all smoke out of the bong at once. This cheap glass bong comes with a simple downstem and bowl with an SG14 (14,5mm) fitting / attachment. This downstem can easily be replaced with a diffuser downstem, if you're planning to upgrade your bong. You could also attach a pre-cooler or ash catcher, making this simple bong a lot more luxurious without much effort. Sometimes less is more!


About The Glass Bong Round Stand

  • Simple and Cheap Bong
  • Average Size: 31 Centimeters tall
  • Stable Round Foot for Maximum Stability
  • Downstem Fitting (Grinding): SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Made of High Quality Glass (2,5mm thick)
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